The British Chambers of Commerce has partnered with exchange experts, Moneycorp to provide
money saving foreign exchange to Chamber members. If you have international payment requirements Moneycorp can help you save hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands every year.

Moneycorp are the UK’s largest fully integrated foreign exchange provider and have been in business for over 50 years – hence wealth of foreign exchange market experience. They have over 900 employees across with offices in Knightsbridge, Ireland, Spain & USA and over 100 foreign exchange currency bureaus across the UK.

All client funds are kept safely in client segregated accounts and their clients include: The Telegraph, BNP Paribas, CIMA, The Post Office and many other blue chips plus SME’s

With Moneycorp, you can make and receive foreign payments effortlessly on a free non-obligatory industry leading online payments platform which includes 34 free foreign currency accounts where you can receive incoming foreign payments into your accounts. They can also provide Forward Contracts - where they will fix exchange rates for up to 2 years going forward so you can budget your business and Zero Cost Options – where you can fix exchange rates at no cost and tailor solutions exactly to your FX requirements.

Other key Moneycorp products include;

  • Foreign Currency Notes – they deliver guaranteed to your desk by 1pm the next day any type of currency for trips abroad
  • Person Dealer – allocated your own personal dealer who you can speak with you about an array of trade ideas, information, markets and helping you to time your trades so you can make the most of exchange rate movements.
  • Place free Market Orders – ask for an exchange rate and if overnight it gets hit you will get the currency at that exchange rate
  • Full market commentary emailed to you daily
  • Completely live exchange rates and total price transparency so you can see the money we will save you

To talk to Moneycorp about their services, please call 0808 1635 138, email or visit