Another New Year and another opportunity to reflect on what the future holds. In an uncertain world the consistent pattern at this time of year is that loads of so called experts will be rolled out in the hope that they can tell us exactly what will happen in the year to come. This year I am not sure that we will need them I think it is a pretty good guess that the spectre of public spending cuts will hang darkly over us; interest rates will remain low throughout the year and that, despite predictions of increases, inflation rates will show only minor rises. I hope, and believe, that we will also see a gradual growth in the economy.


The one certainty is that sometime in the next five months or so there will be a General Election and, as a result, a prolonged period of being saturated with the outpourings of politicians focused on gaining power rather than what really needs to be done. Surely if the Government had any integrity left they would call an election sooner rather than later so that whoever wins can get on with sorting out the current mess and to enable the rest of us to understand exactly what that means.


Personally I have become weary of the constant talk of spending cuts and threats and counter threats concerning city regulation and stamping down on bonuses. I want to see some clear decision making followed by clear and distinctive action. Like many, I suspect, I am totally fed up with focusing on the negative and want to begin concentrating on the positive aspects of our economy and of doing business in this part of the world.


The UK, and Hertfordshire in particular, has a history of innovation and developing world leading ideas. We have many large and small world class businesses. We are ideally located, have a highly qualified workforce and a supply chain that has few peers.


All we need is for the political game playing to stop so that we can all “roll up our sleeves” and get on with the job of returning UK Plc to where it should be. And, while I am pushing my luck maybe they could also arrange for England to win the Word Cup in July.