Following speculation over government plans to increase paternal leave Herts Chamber Chief Executive, Tim Hutchings, responded. " This is yet another case of political correctness gone mad. The time for plain speaking on this and similar issues is long overdue. I am sure that we would all benefit from more time off for a variety of reasons but at the end of the day we need to find a balanced approach. We have to create prosperity to pay for all these ideas and, amongst other things, that requires developing priorities. If we keep adding to the cost of doing business we will end up with more time off than will be good for us".Responding to the proposals British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) Director General, David Frost, said. "The issue for businesses is that plans to extend parental leave could not only be an administrative nightmare, but could leave firms without key staff for long periods of time.  While employers want to actively support flexible working, the Government must realise that extending parental leave at such an unprecedented rate will add more confusion and pressure to firms who are already struggling to compete.  This country is becoming less competitive, the UK economic climate is worsening and the Government needs to offer our firms support at this difficult time rather than burdening them with more damaging employment legislation."