What do you do when too many people say, “I didn’t know you did that” or, worse still, the comment comes from your own staff? The short answer is “do something about it”. Many organisations suffer from the great product poor message syndrome and we have been no different. When you deliver great networking, a 24 hour legal advice line & insurance, are the most influential business organisation in the county, and so much more for little more than £2 a week you have to develop a message to match.Despite having a membership that puts us into the top twenty chambers in the United Kingdom we are not satisfied. At the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry we have a passion for ensuring that businesses in the county can access the support they need whilst being able to participate in the development of key strategies in the county and beyond. We take a robust and pro-active role in setting the business agenda in the county as well as being continually on the look out for ways to improve our support for business.

The launch of our new Brand provides us with an excellent opportunity to project our message and we are committed to maintaining the standards we have set in doing so. If we fail we know we will answerable to our members and the wider business community of Hertfordshire. We will play our part we are looking to the businesses in the county to play theirs by joining us.