Join us at lunchtime on July 25th as we run around Hatfield Town.


This event is being organised in partnership with the WelHat Community Sports Fund, Hatfield Council, Ocado and the proudly supported by Herts chamber of commerce. Your Town are delighted to say that all profits from the event will be donated to “The Soldiers Charity”, which you can learn more about when you sign up. 

The route involves a 1KM loop, starting and finishing near Hatfield Marketplace. This event is suitable for ALL abilities. Come along and see how many laps you can do in an hour, whether it be a speedy 5km, or a leisurely 1km walk or Run as a team in a relay! We want to see how many km’s we can rack up collectively as a community during the one hour lunchbreak!

We encourage everyone to join us in town on the day of the event to cheer the runners on and get involved in the wide range of activities going on in Hatfield Marketplace as part of the celebrations.