Time is running out for FREE training with the University of Luton.


Since May 2004, the University of Luton’s Web:Working For Women project has trained over 150 women in Web Technologies and People Skills. Ferzana Khan of the University is making a direct call to all women employed or running Hertfordshire businesses to come forward and take up the last remaining training opportunities beginning in late September and early October:

Team Building

·         Team-building    

·         Time & Stress Management                                                                   

·         Effective Listening and Communication Skills             


Creating and Communicating Solutions

·         Presentation Skills                                     

·         Problem Solving                                                       

·         Conflict Resolution                                                


E-Communication Skills

·         Key I.T. Skills

·         Web Site Design

·         Web Site Animation

·         Web Site Management

·         E-Commerce Technology


Networking Events

·         Womens’ Quarterly Face-to-Face Meeting – Putteridge Bury - 11th October 2005


Places are limited. For dates and more information, please contact Ferzana or the team on 01582 743954 or email ferzana.khan@luton.ac.uk. See http://www.luton.ac.uk/businessservices/organisational/webworking.