Commenting on the publication of the Climate Change Bill, David Frost, director-general of the British Chambers of Commerce said:

"The British Chambers of Commerce welcomes the Climate Change Bill. Businesses accept the part they must play in combating climate change. We are in favour of five year targets for reducing carbon emissions as this provides businesses with the flexibility to meet the targets over a longer period of time. However, we have serious reservations over how this Bill will be implemented.

Businesses need a light-touch, stable and consistent regulatory framework, in order to plan and invest over the long-term. It is important that this is the final outcome of the new Bill. 

Considering that SME's account for the majority of the business community it is imperative that they are not neglected. SME's find it more difficult to absorb the cost of changes in legislation. We would therefore ask the Government to make sure that this group is given the support it needs by providing incentives as well as clear and accesible information as to exactly how they can meet the challenges of climate change.

Climate change is an issue for all society and it is only through united action that we can tackle the effects of climate change."