Commenting upon the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change David Frost, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, said:

“With over 60 million people living in the UK businesses must not be singled out as the one’s to pay higher taxes to tackle climate change.

“Business is showing increased willingness to become more energy efficient and the government should continue to work with us rather than simply raise taxes.  If green taxes are to be raised then it is crucial that they are offset by reductions elsewhere.  It would be counter productive for UK businesses to be hindered on the world stage by an uncompetitive tax regime.

“Organisations such as the Carbon Trust need to refocus their efforts so that it is made easier for small and medium sized businesses to become more energy efficient.  By working together business and the government can really make a difference and help the UK become global leaders in tackling climate change.”

Tim Hutchings, Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry Chief Executive said,” We all have a responsibility to do something to tackle change and most businesses could, and should contribute by making savings in the use of resources and energy they use. Green Taxes are not the only answer, however, the government must also look to introduce incentives through such things as tax breaks for research and development and maybe a reduction in VAT on energy saving goods.


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