A poll of over 1000 UK businesses is published today by the British Chambers of Commerce, ahead of a possible oil tanker driver strike on Friday. The snap poll shows that business will overwhelmingly refuse to panic buy fuel ahead of a planned four-day strike.

77 per cent of businesses polled replied with a resounding no, when asked if they would stockpile petrol or diesel if faced with a strike.

Commenting, Director-General of the British Chambers of Commerce, David Frost, said:
"Hopefully these findings will help quash any fear of panic buying at the pumps ahead of any industrial action by tanker drivers. Businesses are of course concerned about the impact of planned strike action, but they are setting a sensible example here.

"Clearly businesses do not want this issue to escalate to a much more dangerous level where the wider economy could be damaged. This poll shows that business is capable of behaving sensibly in the best interests of the wider public, now the Government must also show it understands the problems of the high price of oil and the broader problems it is causing to the economy. The Government must now commit to scrapping the 2p fuel duty rise planned for October."