Good housekeeping is an essential part of good management practice and is good fire protection. Premises that are well organised and carefully maintained are safer from fire. 

The biggest fire risk in many premises is from fires started deliberately. However, owners and managers can can control this threat. Most arson fires are lit outside. Dealing with the waste and rubbish properly will help to keep your premises secure from fire.

  • Keep Premises clear of combustible process waste and refuse.
  • Use metal receptacles with closely fitting lids for waste such as floor sweepings.
  • Provide seperate clearly labelled containers for waste with special hazards, such as flammable liquids, paint rags and oily rags.
  • Remove waste containers from the building at the end of each working day - more frequently if necessary.
  • Make sure that waste waiting for disposal is kept in a safe place and accessible to the public.
  • Make sure that any waste burning on site is carefully controlled and supervised.
  • Do now allow packaging, waste or rubbish to accumulate anywere on the premises.
  • Make sure all packaging, waste and rubbish is moved regularly to a safe storage place.
  • The safest type of storage is metal bins with closed lids, preferably locked away in their own compound or compartment away from any building.
  • Arrange regular and frequent collection of refuse by your local authority or contractor.

For Further information or advice please contact "Hertfordshire Arson Task Force - Fire & Police in Partnership" on 01438 737399 or 01923 471399 Quoting Ref: ATP/BS