There are often talks about the number of ‘business starts’ supported across the county however it seems rare that the people delivering the much-needed advice and support to these start-ups are in the spotlight.

Leading social enterprise, Wenta, recently celebrated the achievement of one of their business advisors, Paul Lee. Wenta presented Paul with a Recognition Award for helping 71 people across Hertfordshire and South East Midlands to start a business over the last year alone – delivering real, direct impact into the local economy. In the past year Wenta has, in total, enabled 373 business starts across all of its support services which is, by far, the largest of any organisation in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. 

Paul has been an Advisor at Wenta for over 6 years and holds over 20 years of experience in the business support sector. His career started in the construction industry and he later set up his own business supplying hi-vis clothing so he, along with the majority of Wenta’s business advisors, has had first-hand experience in becoming self-employed. He later moved on to a role at the Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce before joining Wenta.

Commenting on the latest business start-up trends, Paul said:

“There are many different types of entrepreneurs coming through at the moment – some with very innovative ideas and some with more traditional B2C businesses such as trades, IT and finance. Social media and content marketing are both ‘hot topics’ as well as ‘Brexit’.  Without a doubt it will have an impact, but I’m sure that our thriving business community will embrace it – Wenta are here to help whatever happens anyway!”

When asked ‘what is the best thing about working for Wenta?’, Paul said:

“It’s the opportunity to work whilst doing something I enjoy. It’s fantastic to work with such a great bunch of people too!”

Paul’s top tip for anyone starting a business is straight forward:
“Research, research, research.”

On that note, you can get a whole host of free business resources and templates from Wenta’s very own Business Bookshelf’ which is set to get even bigger and better over this forthcoming year.

For more information on Wenta visit or call 01438 310020.