The Beat The Street initiative here in Stevenage. The aim is to get at least 18,000 of Stevenage residents and employees involved in walking, running and cycling over a six-week period, so your help in making it happen would be appreciated.

Using smart cards much like the Oyster ones used in London, participants can track their progress and points online following tapping 'Beat Boxes' that have been placed half a mile apart around Stevenage (maps will be available online). Everyone can take part - it is free to register and collect a card.

This is a short term opportunity to show what can be achieved through these activities or what is already being achieved by some. It is also an opportunity to encourage more interaction with the local area, for example those working on the Gunnels Wood Road visiting New and Old Town more. It would be great if Stevenage could achieve 18,000 participants, especially as Broxbourne, Hemel Hempstead and Watford will be trying to do the same!

For more information, please contact Mark Newman: