Here to help fellow local business owners, 


Please join me on Thursday 9th April at 10 am for this hour long gifted Webinar. 


We will be focusing on how to continue to be an effective leader when you and your team are working remotely ..


In this time of great disruption, we have all found ourselves in a situation none of us ever imagined. it is imperative that leaders of virtual teams purposely plan for and work towards creating the right environment to ensure teams can perform at their full potential.


This requires both a positive and agile mindset. In this Webinar we will provide guidance and practical tools that will allow you as a leader to build trust, inspire motivate and encourage effective communication.


We have some amazing content for you to take away and implement into your business straight away.


By attending this webinar you will learn how to:


• Create a virtual team environment based on relationships and team values.

• Establish a clear team structure and reporting framework

• Guide and coach individuals to remain focused while working remotely.

• Communicate effectively embracing the technology that fits your organisational needs.

• Use the Three "O" Model – Outcomes, Others & Ourselves

• Lead differently during these challenging times


Every business is at risk, so join us on this vital webinar to help protect your business and your workforce.


Register now and we will send you the link to join the webinar.



Look forward to seeing you on Thursday

Stay Safe & Healthy

best Steve 


Steve Saunders

Business Coach & Trainer 



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