Commenting on the report released recently on the gender pay gap from the Women and Work Commission David Frost, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said:

"The BCC welcomes the report from the Women and Work Commission. The report underlines the importance of addressing the problems and economic costs of gender pay discrimination in the workplace. Business is committed to ensuring that sexism in the workplace is eradicated and that all employees are paid equally for the job they do.

"With gender pay barriers costing the UK economy between £15bn and £23bn, it is essential that the Government and business work together to ensure that all employees perform to the top of their full potential and are not held back by any form of discrimination.

"The BCC fully supports promoting the supply of better information to employers to improve workplace practices. We are in favour of removing stereotypical choices within the education system and improving the careers advice system so that all options are presented equally to young people. We strongly support the promotion of vocational skills recommended by the Commission to help address the long standing “parity of esteem” issue within education. There must also be a drive to increase the number of female entrepreneurs.

"We must also work to improve the availability of quality and affordable childcare. The Government has made progress in this area but there is still much to be done with significant regional variations in the quality of care available. More help is also needed to help support parents with the costs of care."