• Manufacturing output in August 2015 was up 0.5% on the month but down -0.8% on the year.
  • Total industrial production in August 2015 was up 1.0% on the month and up 1.9% on the year.


Commenting on the index of production figures for August 2015, published today by the ONS, David Kern, Chief Economist of the British Chambers of Commerce, said: 

“It is welcome news to see that manufacturing and total industrial production figures picked up in August, after the disappointing declines recorded in July. However, the manufacturing sector is still facing major challenges – as highlighted in our Quarterly Economic Survey last month - and it is noticeable that in year on year terms the sector is recording a fall.

“The manufacturing sector is facing many headwinds driven by difficult global circumstances. Eurozone growth remains weak and there are serious problems in major economies such as China, Japan, Brazil and Russia.

“Although our economy is increasingly reliant on a vibrant services sector, manufacturing is still a vital sector for innovation, productivity and exports. It is important that manufacturing exporters, in particular, get the support they need as they face significant challenges.

“Additional efforts are needed on the part of the government to strengthen the manufacturing sector, particularly in key areas such as exports, access to finance and skills.”