David Frost, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce has welcomed today's announcement on apprenticeships from The Conservative Party.Mr Frost said:"I'm pleased that all major parties now recognise the need for high quality, employer led apprenticeships. The BCC strongly believes that an increase in the number of apprenticeships will ease future skill shortages and provide a respected alternative education and training route for young adults


"Conservative proposals to encourage and support small and medium sized businesses to offer apprenticeships are good. SMEs need specialised support to offer successful schemes, but at the moment they find the system too bureaucratic."The reputation of a good apprenticeship must not be undermined by the need to meet targetsWe wouldn't want to see young adults put through classroom led apprenticeships with only a small amount of work based learning just because they are easier to deliver.  Real commitment to employer led apprenticeships is vital, otherwise the system will fail our young adults."