Responding to the re-launch of the Better Regulation Committee's online red tape complaints portal, David Frost, Director-General of the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC), said:

"We welcome any tool which enables British businesses to directly air their views on the impact that regulation has on their business. Regulation is of concern to many businesses particularly our members who, as SME's, find that the increasing regulatory burden distracts them from running their business"

"The 2006 BCC Burden's Barometer shows that the cumulative burden of new regulation since 1998 to UK business is £50.27 billion pounds. We urgently need to see delivery on an agenda which is critically important in maintaining the UK’s competitiveness.

“We agree with the Minister, Pat McFadden MP, that there needs to be shared responsibility for this issue which is why we published Red Tape the Real Story in November last year, a compilation of red tape examples. We will continue to push the case for regulatory simplification both through documents such as this and via our own red tape portal”