Responding to the Trade and Industry Select Committee's report "Trade and Investment Opportunities with India" British Chambers of Commerce Director General, David Frost said:

“Businesses are fully aware of the opportunities in India and other parts of Asia. Yet they have seen export support reduced in recent years as the Treasury switched its focus to encouraging inward investment. At the same time, the Government has re-focused the reduced remaining support away from existing exporters to new to export firms who may favour markets closer than India, for example the European Union.”

“Chambers of Commerce have excellent links with countries like India and help companies to access new markets everyday, but their job is getting harder given the Government’s reduced support. All of these changes come at a time when our existing exporters are facing intense competitive pressure from abroad and our share of world exports is declining.”

“One of the major strengths of the German economy is the emphasis on business support for manufacturers, which has in turn helped Germany to position itself as a successful exporter of world class goods.”

“Our firms have been under increasing pressure in recent years from competitors outside the UK. We are still seeing daily closures in manufacturing – a position we will not easily reverse unless we see a dedicated focus on business support.”