• In the three months to September 2014, employment rose by 112,000 compared with the previous three months
  • Unemployment fell by 115,000 compared with the previous three months
  • The unemployment rate was 6.0%, down from 6.3% in the previous three months, and the lowest since late 2008
  • Youth unemployment was 16.2%, down from 16.9% in the previous three months
  • Pay including bonuses was 1.0% higher than a year earlier, while pay excluding bonuses was 1.3% higher than a year earlier


Commenting on the latest labour market statistics for November 2014, published today by the ONS, David Kern, Chief Economist at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) said:

“These figures highlight once again that the UK labour market remains strong, and that the pace of economic growth continues at a steady pace. Pay rises have increased but remain weak, and living standards are still under pressure. Despite this, these figures suggest that there is considerable scope for the economy to continue expanding steadily. Both the MPC and the government must make every attempt to counter signs of a slowdown – and next month’s Autumn Statement will be an opportunity for the government to take bold action and support growth and enterprise.”