Commenting on the launch of the National Infrastructure Commission, Adam Marshall, Executive Director of Policy at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) said:


“Business will be pleased to see that a heavyweight National Infrastructure Commission is getting down to work quickly, in particular on the issue of energy supply.


“It’s clear that the Chancellor has listened to business concerns – both on the need to reduce the politicking that slows down critical infrastructure projects, and on the need to put energy supply and energy security at the heart of the agenda. The Commission will now need to demonstrate that it can cut through bureaucracy and political meddling and get key projects on track. British dithering on infrastructure has hurt our global competitiveness and our productivity, and it has to end.


“Many companies will welcome the focus on northern connectivity and London’s transport needs, but we would urge Lord Adonis and the Commission to keep strategic infrastructure in other parts of the UK very firmly in their sights.”