The BCC International Trade Survey published this week, evidences UK companies are committed to maintain strong trading relationships with Europe in these times of uncertainty following the EU Referendum.

Whilst Brexit negotiations remain unclear, Hertfordshire businesses remain resilient and are increasingly looking to invest more over the next five years in trade opportunities across Europe and the rest of the world, but continue to see Europe as a primary market for both selling and importing goods.

The results also remind us that it is in fact Hertfordshire businesses who trade, and not UK governments. Last week’s GDP reports at 2% growth are broadly in line with historic figures, with the welcome pick up in output from manufacturing and construction.While the UK remains heavily reliant on services and consumer spending as the main drivers of growth.

Hertfordshire businesses need clear and practical export support to help them to grow global trade. Hertfordshire Chamber has been trading for over 90 years, supporting exporters, through its documentation, training and export events. It is well placed to connect businesses to trade opportunities through its 41 overseas Chamber of commerce.  

Its Brexit Advice Helpline has been set up with Chamber member partners who can assist with enquiries across EU employment law, and Tax or commercial advice. Please email Trevor Clark on

31st January

Yolanda Rugg

CEO Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce