Commenting on the announcement of a Careers and Enterprise Company by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, John Longworth, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, said:


"The gulf between the world of education and the world of work has never been wider, with far too many firms saying that young people are unprepared for work due to inadequate careers advice.


“Nicky Morgan is absolutely right to be focusing the government’s attention - and real financial resources - on the critical transition from school to the workplace. 


“However, business does not want to revert back to the old, tired form of careers advice in schools that served our young people so poorly for decades. The government’s Careers and Enterprise Company needs to focus on getting businesses into the heart of our schools, so that young people can make informed choices as they enter the world of work. Its investments should seek to ensure that all schools, not just a self-selected few, work hand-in-hand with local firms to inspire and inform young people about their career options.


“Across the country, Chambers of Commerce already play a pivotal role linking businesses with schools - with over 1,200 schools, colleges and universities already engaged with their local business communities. The gap between education and business is wide, but Chambers of Commerce are committed to bringing them together - so that young people can aspire to great careers, and so that firms can get the local talent they so desperately need.”