Commenting on the UK steel industry in the wake of Tata Steel’s plans to sell its UK plants, Dr Adam Marshall, BCC Acting Director General, said:

“Assuring domestic production of steel is hugely important to the UK’s future growth prospects, and to our aspirations for the manufacturing and construction sectors, which are having a hard enough time in an uncertain global market as it is.

“The price the UK pays for dependence on overseas suppliers is often high, particularly in manufacturing and energy. There’s nothing wrong with being part of global supply chains, but there is something very wrong with losing domestic production and skills in a strategically-important industry. The loss of steelmaking would leave the UK vulnerable to global shocks, with dangerous consequences across the economy.

“The mistakes made in the nuclear industry decades ago must not be repeated in the steel industry today. There is a clear case for further government action to protect British steelmaking capacity, as it underpins so much of British manufacturing and construction. Our global competitors would not hesitate on an issue like this.”