The British Chamber of Commerce is backing a three-way drive by the CSV Make a Difference Day campaign to encourage companies to boost staff morale, rejuvenate communities and enjoy better community relations through employee volunteering.

The move builds on research by CSV Make a Difference Day (1) which shows that 88% of employees who give time say it boosts staff morale. Over half (53%) of employees also say it increases productivity.

David Frost, Director-General of the British Chambers of Commerce said: "Many companies and the people they employ are quietly improving their communities in many different ways. Firms find that volunteering can benefit the employee, the communities in which they are based, and also their own business."

Planning to Make a Difference?

CSV Make a Difference Day is the UK’s biggest-ever annual hands-on volunteering campaign. This year we expect 115,000 people to take part – trying volunteering for one day and creating massive change in the communities they live and work in!

Last year over 100,000 people got involved and 6,500 of them did so via their employer, which means a lot was achieved! 104,130 bulbs were planted, 26,476 skills shared and 21,148 litres of paint used to refresh community buildings!

Volunteering is a great way for businesses to boost their profile in the community, an opportunity for staff to try something new, boost morale and improve team relations, plus it’s lots of fun!

This year CSV Make a Difference Day takes place on Saturday 28th October, with activities taking place the two weeks either side. For more information on taking part, visit or contact Karen Middleton on 020 7643 1433 or

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