As Attwaters Jameson Hill's Charity of the Year, the organisation has a calendar of events planned to support Teens Unite, which started with a 16 mile walk.

Ten employees came together from the law firms Hertford, Ware and Harlow offices on 15th August and they each paid £10 to enter. The 16 mile route started in Kibes Lane, Ware and took them along the river back to Hertford, through Waterford and Stapleford to Chapmore End. They then continued through Tonwell and Thundridge, back in to Ware.

Debbie Pezzani, CEO and Founder said “It’s great so see local companies like Attwaters Jameson Hill supporting local charities. I really do think fundraising like this brings employees closer together and boosts team morale. Thank you to all of those who took part and we look forward to working alongside Attwaters Jameson Hill over the coming months.”