In Hertfordshire last year, there were over 300 incidents where residents or businesses suffered losses as a result of arson. Arson isn’t necessarily a personal attack on your business: some arsonists may simply see an opportunity to start a fire on your premises.


Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service would like to remind businesses about the simple precautions they should take to minimise the risk of arson attacks.

Protection does not need to mean 24-hour security, expensive alarm systems or hours of risk assessment. A few simple, low-cost housekeeping techniques can help to reduce the vulnerability of your business to arson and vandalism:


Prevent people from getting on to the site

.      Make sure gates and fences are in a good state of repair

.      Keep doors and windows secure

Reduce the opportunity to start fires

.      Store waste and recycling at least 8m from the building

.      Keep storage sheds and outbuildings secured

Reduce the opportunity for fire to spread and cause damage

.      Make sure flammable materials are stored securely

.      Keep high-value equipment in secure places

For more information on how to secure your site against arson, please click here