Hertfordshire-based charity The Muscle Help Foundation has launched its latest local initiative this month with #657Herts. The charity is aiming to rally together 657 Hertfordshire businesses to make a one-off donation of just £6.57 to be a part of a live donation wall on its website: www.musclehelp.com/657herts


All local businesses need to do is complete the form on www.musclehelp.com/657hertsupload their company logo and donate £6.57.


The aim is the same as always and very close to The Muscle Help Foundation’s heart: to fulfil 657 Muscle Dreams for children and young people with muscular dystrophy and allied neuromuscular conditions. “That’s one life changing experience for every single muscle in the human body; that’s the #powerof657” said MHF’s CEO Michael McGrath who himself has muscular dystrophy.


Michael and the Team are committed to improving the quality of life for families who are affected by muscular dystrophy – everybody has a dream whether it’s meeting a global movie icon, a famous chef, a captain of industry, a music band or your favourite rugby stars. Whether it’s about feeling the need for speed at Silverstone, meeting your superhero or snuggling up with meerkats, MHF’s highly personalised, transformative experiences have the same impact: greater self-esteem, improved confidence, an increased sense of hopefulness, connecting and sharing knowledge with other families, unforgettable memories and the establishment of lasting friendships. So far the charity has delivered 191 dreams to Muscle Warriors with 466 to go.


When the #657Herts live donation wall has been successful, the charity plans to launch further campaigns in Counties across the UK, giving local businesses a chance to donate and have their corporate logo displayed on the MHF website.


As a local business you can help the charity reach their goal of delivering 657 Muscle Dreams by simply donating £6.57 today or share the message on Twitter #657Herts. Thank you.