The Hertford Entrepreneurs’ Network (HEN) have launched the HEN Growth Plan Award. The aim of this initiative is to stimulate growth plans for small entrepreneurial business in Hertford. With that in mind, businesses are invited to submit growth plans which will be judged by a panel against clear criteria and prizes will be awarded.
From the plans submitted, three business plans will be selected as a short list for presentation at a special HEN event on Thursday, 21st February 2013.

The shortlisted businesses will have about 10 minutes each to present their growth plan or presented by one of the judges on behalf of the business. After the presentations, the attendees will be asked to vote for the winner.  The winner is actually chosen by the attendees on the night.
The HEN Growth Plan Award prize will be an article in the Mercury about the winner, an engraved crystal trophy and a bottle of wine.  The award will be presented by the Hertford Town Council’s Development and Leisure Chairman.
The judging panel include Cllr Isabel Sigmac, Cllr Dr Andrew Stevenson and Editor of the Mercury Julie Palmer.
Please email your HEN Growth Plan submissions to and closing date for submissions is Thursday, 31 January 2013.
Please feel free to forward it to anyone who you think might be interested to take part.

Here is the list of growth plan questions and other information that you have to provide about your business.
Please answer the following questions in about 50 words each.
1.         Are you an established business or is this a new business idea?
2.         What is your product or service?
3.         What is the current status?
4.         What is your market and how do you see the market growing?
5.         How will you penetrate the market?
6.         Do you have or are you using innovative technology?
7.         What is your sales pipeline and operational plan?
8.         Describe your management team.
9.         How will you protect your profit margin?
10.        Do you need external funding?
Companies may submit longer business plans or other material if they wish.
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