Fox-Flo® tie-on cable labels together with printing package ‘Fox-in-a-Box®’ have been approved by Virgin Media Engineering department for use by Virgin Media contractors for their Trunk/Network Cable identification requirements.
The Fox-Flo UV Stable, LSZH Tie on Cable Labels, are available in a wide range of sizes and colours, Virgin Media chose their standards to be: LCLZ1-7015TY (70x15mm) and LCLZ1-11015TY (110x15mm).
Our commitment to customers is to make their lives as simple as possible, so the time produce the labels and long term durability are of key importance. To save time for our users, we have developed these labels to work with the same software, same printer and same ribbon as all our other thermal labels. As to long term durability, Silver Fox have far exceeded any other manufacturer, by independently testing these labels for 8000 hours accelerated UV ageing equating to 12-16 years Northern Europe and 6.67-8 years tropical climates. And we didn’t stop there, even though this was the longest test by far undertaken by any manufacturer, Silver Fox further challenged the boundaries by successfully flexing the labels after the 8000 hour test.
The Fox-in-a-Box label starter package includes: DTP1/300 Thermal Printer, full length ribbon (enough for in excess of 2700 Fox-Flo labels), the Labacus® Innovator software, (for which there are three levels). Virgin Media chose the Professional Level which includes functionality for both bar codes and QR codes, as well as the option to print an image e.g. a company logo.
Other users, may chose the entry level Standard Fox-in-a-Box for just £450, then, if at a later date they require greater functionality, there is a seamless upgrade path to higher levels, ensuring their initial investment is protected. With all levels, there is FREE automatic update via the web for the software for the latest functionality. All designed to make our customers lives simple.
These product approvals are in reference to document ANE_HT_OP_056_RALL and approved by Virgin Media Access Engineering Materials and Support.
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