AvenTOM is a company owned 50:50 by Inventor Tom Pellereau and Billionaire Lord Alan Sugar with a focus on Reinventing beauty accessories.

Based in Boxsted Farm, Hemel Hempstead the office is made up of a small team of 12.

Tom Pellereau is best known for winning The BBC Apprentice in 2011 and becoming Lord Alan Sugar’s first business partner from the show. From a young age Tom wanted to be an inventor; he has always been fascinated by how things work, taking them apart and rebuilding them. Tom loves solving problems and has a desire to fix the small frustrations in life with his innovative thinking and simple approach to design.

The inaugural AvenTOM product was the uniquely curved Stylfile, available across the globe over 2 million Stylfiles were sold. Toms latest invention is the StylPro, which cleans and dries makeup brushes in seconds.

Tom’s interest in makeup brushes and their cleanliness was first sparked by a makeup artist who asked Tom to create something that makes it fast and easy to clean makeup brushes. After carrying out several focus groups Tom realised that whilst cleaning makeup brushes was a problem, the biggest issue was drying them. Tom therefore made it his mission to develop the fastest and most efficient makeup brush cleaner and dryer and so the StylPro was created.

Loved by Beauty professionals and makeup enthusiasts, the innovative StylPro device is game changer and has sold over 50,000 units since coming to market.