RES Goal 8 Review

As part of its scrutiny function, EERA is undertaking a review of the delivery of Regional Economic Strategy Goal 8.

Goal 8 is about leading the way in the efficient use of resources and developing a low carbon economy. It is delivered through 4 priorities:
  1. Promoting the adoption of resource efficiency and environmental good practice principles
  2. Capturing the advantage of the renewable energy potential of the region
  3. Progressing the development of environmental goods and services businesses
  4. Establishing the region as an exemplar of environmentally sustainable development

The scrutiny review will look at both EEDA's contribution to the delivery of Goal 8 through its own core products and programmes, and how EEDA contributes to the regional delivery of Goal 8 by working in partnership to coordinate, influence and provide leadership in the East of England. The review will aim to improve the delivery of Goal 8 through a series of recommendations for EEDA and its partners.

Currently, interviews are being conducted with a range of bodies with an interest in EEDA and the efficient use of resources.

Although this evidence gathering process is already underway, we would still like to hear from organisations that are interested in contributing to the review. In particular we would like to hear from representatives of the business sector.

If you would like to take part we would be grateful if you would complete and return the expression of interest form (see right). Those who express an interest in taking part may be asked to take part in an interview or a more formal discussion.

The review will centre around two questions:

  • How are Goal 8 priorities being delivered regionally and what impact has it had?
  • How could the the co-ordination and effectiveness of regional delivery activity be improved?

For more information about the review, please contact Jane Sellers on 01284 729 428 or