Here at Age UK Herts we are really busy trying to make sure that we can support the most vulnerable older people in Hertfordshire. We’ve been contacting all our clients to establish who has support and who is most at risk. Luckily many older people have families or friends who are looking out for them, but a significant number don’t – and for them we have been making up food parcels and comfort packs. 

Our services have changed – we’re moving as many services as we can to telephone or on-line rather than face to face – but obviously for some older people this is not realistic.  We also have staff out daily collecting prescriptions and picking up shopping – as well as delivering food parcels. We’re also frantically ringing supermarkets and asking for food donations.

We’re also looking at creating additional telephone support and a pen-pal scheme for older, isolated people for whom this lock down will be very lonely.

Our volunteers have been amazing – over 150 have stepped forward to say they will help more – with helping to move furniture for people returning from hospital, to creating and delivering food parcels.

Staff too are being brilliant – but as you know Hertfordshire is a giant county and with over 200,000 people over the age of 65 – we’re receiving an unprecedented number of calls and only anticipate that this will continue to grow.

If you are able to help us – either by donating items for our comfort/activity/food parcels – or helping with our fundraising at this time or an offer or storage space for food parcels and so on - then there is link to our website below:

Or you can contact me on