On Thursday, 26th October Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne will be the first wildlife park ever to launch a pioneering new solution to the problem of used chewing gum. They will be working in partnership with Gummy Bins Ltd; the forward thinking UK Company that has developed and patented the world’s first Gum Recycling System – Gummy Bins!

Young people are becoming increasingly aware of the need to conserve and recycle in order to preserve our planet for future generations.  Schools now have a keen interest in educating pupils about the need to recycle and to conserve energy wherever they can, with this in mind why not make it fun?  Gummy bins are all about fun; brightly coloured and bear shaped they attract the attention of potential users immediately.  People are encouraged to dispose of their used chewing gum in the gummy bin knowing that they are actually helping to contribute to a usable end product.


The team at Paradise Wildlife Park are keen to support recycling initiatives and are especially excited about a product that can contain used chewing gum hygienically; the safety of the animals is always foremost in our keepers’ thoughts and keeping the gum off of our pathways and away from our enclosures is a huge problem.   The reusable cartridge system in Gummy Bins, which will each hold up to 1000 pieces of gum, are collected and recycled into an aggregate which it is hoped, will be used as part of the track building material at the 2012 Olympics.  Even the bins are made from 100% recyclable materials.


The launch day will be hosted by Mr Gummy himself and members of the Gummy Bin Team who will be on site with the Gummy Bin Roadshow to answer all those intriguing questions about how? where? and why? Gummy Bins are such an important development for our future.  Information leaflets, stickers, balloons and sweets will also provide an incentive for children to listen to the important message being delivered, together with the Gummy Bin Airship*.


Press note: for more information, please contact Lynn Whitnall or Karen Hanford at Paradise Wildlife Park on 01992 470490 or lynn@pwpark.com .  Alternatively visit the Gummy Bin Website at www.gummybin.com or contact Gummy Bin Press Officer Alison on 01625 440030.