Working Families is offering free help for employers whose employees could be missing out on this vital financial support

Help is at hand for employers who would like to give their employees clear guidance on their entitlement to tax credits.    Employers can help their staff to increase their income without adding a penny to their own payroll.

Working Families, the work-life balance charity, has been funded by the government to spread the word on tax credits and to promote take up of this vital financial support. 

As part of a new outreach programme, Working Families can provide employees with on-site, face-to-face advice and information sessions for their staff.  These advice sessions are free.  The aim of the session is to demystify tax credits and to help employees to clearly understand their own entitlement and how to make a claim.  To date, outreach sessions have taken place in both private and public sector organisations across the UK.

Lei Lau, a Working Families Take Up Campaign Project Officer said:  “We find that people prefer to ask about tax credits in a one-to-one session.   Employees can ask particular questions which are relevant to their own circumstances and find out exactly what they might be able to claim.  People are usually pleasantly surprised to find that they can make a claim for tax credits which can significantly boost their existing income.  In tough economic times, this is very welcome news”.

What is the benefit to employers in encouraging staff to find out more about tax credits?  “In helping lower paid staff to boost their income through tax credits, employers will reduce employee stress, absence and turnover” comments Lei Lau.  “And it doesn’t cost employers anything to help their employees to get this important benefit. There is no administration involved as this is taken care of by HM Revenue & Customs.  It’s a win-win for employer and employee”