This funding is allocated to the East of England only, so applicants are competing with a relatively small number of others for this funding.

An Outline Application needs to be submitted by e-mail by the 28th of January 2013 at 5pm. The EDRF are keen to discuss your ideas well in advance of that and provide any guidance we can. (Applications that are not reviewed in draft well in advance are rarely successful.)

Applications that are successful at this stage, and move quickly through subsequent stages, might expect to begin delivery on 1st August 2013. Project delivery must be completed by 31st December 2014, with three further months to complete evaluation and final claims.

In addition to the links to forms and guidance below, you can find examples of projects already supported here 

I hope these will inspire you think of innovative new ideas that we not yet invested in.

You can e-mail EDRF a short summary of your idea or speak to our facilitator Michelle Burdett tel 0303 444 6411 or at about:

Axis 1: innovation & knowledge transfer
Axis 2: enterprise & business support
Axis 3: sustainable development, production & consumption

Following discussion with a facilitator, all completed project outline application forms should be sent to no later than 5pm on the day of the deadline, to be followed by a printed signed copy within seven days.

Please see the calls for proposals webpage on the East of England site webpage: