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Investment in Young People

Find out how Investment in Young People (IiYP) accreditation can help you to attract the best young talent to your business or organisation by looking at the FAQs below:

Investment in Young People (IiYP) - FAQs

Here are some FAQs to help you understand how IiYP can support your business or organisation.

What is Investment in Young People?

Investment in Young People (IiYP) is an Award that has been established to recognise and celebrate the important work and time that companies invest when helping young people to gain employability skills and prepare them for the future.

As young people are the employees of tomorrow the Investment in Young People (IiYP) accreditation can help you attract the best young talent to your business or organisation.

The IiYP accreditation is a national initiative of the British Chamber of Commerce’s (BCC) Young Chamber and makes you stand out from the crowd as a Hertfordshire-based employer of choice. This will help to attract and promote Hertfordshire-based jobs which are competing with London, Cambridge and elsewhere - giving you, Hertfordshire employers, the tools to reduce your recruitment costs and help you satisfy your replacement staff demand.  

Here is a quick link to register and apply for IiYP accreditation.

Does your business support the development of young people?

The IiYP accreditation is a kite mark for businesses that have demonstrated their support work in developing young people to gain employability skills and assisting them in the transition from education into the world of work.

If your business can answer the following questions, you are ready to apply for this accreditation kitemark that recognises and celebrates the important work businesses are doing with young people:

  1. How does your company policy or business plan reference your commitment to supporting young people?
  2. How do you promote your company's commitment to supporting young people to: a) your staff b) the wider community and stakeholders?
  3. How have you helped to develop the employability skills of young people in the last 24 months?
  4.  What enterprise activities have you supported in schools or through educational providers in the past 24 months?
  5. What work experience have you supported in the past 24 months?
  6.  Have you taken on an apprentice in the past 24 months?
  7. Does your careers section on your website have specific information aimed at young people, describing the great careers and job opportunities that exist in your business?
  8. Aside from our website information what job and career information have you shared with teachers, careers staff and directly with young people in the past 24 months?
  9. Have you partnered, attended, organised or taken part in a Careers Event in the last 24 months?
  10. What quality assurance kitemark(s) does your organisation hold?

How do I apply for accreditation?

The accreditation process has a few straightforward steps.

1.    Visit the IiYP registration page on the Young Chamber’s website and register your business (you will receive a user name and password);
2.    Once you have finalised your answers to the ten questions above, complete the online self-assessment application form (using your user name and password);
3.    You will then be asked to pay the relevant fee (see below) by online payment;
4.    The Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce will be notified of your application and payment, and will contact you to arrange a date to visit your company and complete your accreditation.  This will take approximately two to three hours;
5.    On the successful completion of steps 1-4 above, and meeting all the relevant criteria, your organisation will be invited to become IiYP accredited.

What will successful IiYP accreditation mean for my business?

Once you have submintted your IiYP application online, you will be required to pay the registration and administration fee to take part in the scheme, this fee covers each employer for a two-year period. The scale of fees is as follows:

  • Up to £5m turnover pa (small) £375 + VAT
  • Annual turnover £5m+ (medium) £750 + VAT
  • Annual turnover over £50m (large) £2,500 +VAT

You will then

  1. Receive an Investment in Young People (IiYP) certificate
  2. Receive an electronic copy of the IiYP logo for use on your website and all your marketing material and window sticker (if appropriate for your organisation)
  3. Get your careers website added to the Young Chamber’s 5th Matrix jobs and careers portal, which can be accessed by over 3,000 schools.

Main benefits of IiYP accreditation

You will also be able to:

  • Use the IiYP accreditation kite mark to stand out from the crowd as a Hertfordshire-based employer of choice;
  • Reduce the risk of young talent going to London or Cambridge;
  • Reduce the cost of your young talent pipeline recruitment, as more people will come to you;
  • Assist in your replacement demand for staff approaching retirement, as you will have young people working for you who you can train and up-skill for the future, including succession planning;
  • Use the story and photos of your IiYP Accreditation ‘ceremony’ in your press and media activity.

What happens if I can’t yet answer the IiYP questions?

If your business has any difficulty recruiting suitable and appropriate young people, you should consider working with our Young Chamber team, find out more about Young Chamber by contacting Courteney Black (

Working with the Young Chamber team you could engage in activities such as:

  • Careers events
  • Apprenticeships (linked to FE College/external training provider provision)
  • Work Experience placements (structured longer term activity)
  • Work Taster events (short term placements at/visits to employer premises)
  • Support for academic studies – i.e. help with BTEC courses etc.
  • School-led enterprise activity
  • Young Chamber activity
  • Young Enterprise
  • Supporting Studio Schools
  • Supporting Academies
  • Student Mentoring

This is not an exhaustive list and employers are free to provide their own examples of how they have engaged with their local school, college or educational establishment.

More information

If your business in interested in taking on an apprentice you'll find all the information you need on the GOV.UK website here.

For any general enquiries or questions on IiYP, please email:
Tel: 01707 502180




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