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Hertfordshire Women in Leadership

At the Herts Chamber, we recognise that there are many challenges for women to overcome to be successful in their chosen field. We also believe that young girls have much wider job and career options than before, in previously male-dominated sectors, such as construction, engineering, agriculture and IT. We plan to promote these options by leading in the creation of a working group that will plan and review a programme of development and network building.

The Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce runs a series of career management workshops and open discussions at various venues throughout the County, covering topics such as: 

  • Gender diversity
  • Relevant employee legislation
  • Educational stereotyping  
  • The real or imagined glass ceiling. 

The more we exemplify women carving out exceptional careers for themselves, using their vision, force, talents and capabilities to contribute to Hertfordshire’s economy, the greater the positive environment to nurture similar aspirations of young women for tomorrow’s economy.

There are three key aims to the Chamber's Women in Leadership Campaign, they are:

  1. To celebrate Hertfordshire women’s leadership achievements 
  2. To inspire young women to achieve equal success through a mentoring and leadership skills programme
  3. To lead the way in developing more gender-diverse boardrooms and executive teams throughout the county.

The Chamber invites women business owners, directors and senior managers and education leaders to participate in our rally call to improve gender diversity and reduce role-stereotyping in career path options and aspirations for women in Hertfordshire.

This is not a women only rally, our male colleagues have a great deal to contribute, based upon their own experiences and career success, and their participation and support is equally sought.

According to the Office for National statistics, the ratio of women in work – 67% in December – was the highest since records began (The Times: February 20, 2014); exceeding 14 million in December. 


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