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EU Referendum

2016 EU Referendum

As a British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) accredited chamber, the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce remains strictly neutral in the referendum debate.

However, as a foremost business organisation in Hertfordshire representing the interests of businesses and individuals throughout the County, we want to enable those interested to take part in this important national and local debate; and as a conduit of information for the county we want to share the knowledge we have although this has to be on a strictly impartial basis.

BCC's ten impartial, one-page summaries

The BCC (British Chambers of Commerce) has worked with both the "Remain" and "Leave" campaigns to produce these ten one-page briefing documents on business-critical issues, you can download one or all of the ten summaries below:

Member engagement in the EU debate

As part of the County's engagement in the EU referendum debate the Chamber facilitated a Stronger in Europe and Brexit Business Leaders' Discussion meeting at Hanbury Manor on 21 April, inviting Mark Prisk MP to speak on behalf of "Remain" and David Campbell Bannerman MEP speaking on behalf of "Leave". The event took the form of a round-table discussion chaired by Chamber Chairman Neville Reyner CBE, DL.

Information signposting

As a neutral party the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce can only signpost to where in depth information can be found, for example the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign information can be found here: Stronger in Europe Campaign website.

Similarly, for information produced by the Vote Leave campaign team you can visit their website here: Vote Leave website.

Want to know more?

In late March, the BCC asked each of the cross-party campaigns to respond to the questions most frequently raised by Chamber members in focus groups.

Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce Members can request copies of the written responses received from the Stronger in Europe and Vote Leave campaign teams by writing to

A new and impartial report

On 19 April an impartial report was launched by Sir Tom Hunter, the Scottish entrepreneur and philanthropist, and it has received considerable media coverage. A pdf of the 126-page report can be downloaded from The Hunter Foundation (THF) website here.


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