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Amy York Official

Amy York Official is a unisex fashion accessories brand currently specialising in high quality, reusable facemasks. Our facemasks are designed for a wide range of consumers of all shapes and sizes and are fully designed and manufactured within Hertfordshire, selling via our ecommerce website.     

Aries VR

At Aries VR we envision a universe where every being has access to affordable, engaging and personalized education.

Instead of one where, for example, where students pay thousands of pounds for engineering degrees and come out not even able to use a spanner.

Right now we are accelerating learning in aviation using the power of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.


Daily Cart Delivery

Design Abled Ltd

Ezidrops Ltd

Firefly Ventures

Firefly Ventures provides future generations with the toolkit to survive and thrive in the future of work. We build career roadmaps for 11 to 18-year-olds by helping them identify their inherent strengths and passions. Our experiential learning projects teach resilience, agility and entrepreneurial skills based on solving real-life social issues.

Games to Get

We’re a family business with a mission to make conversation the best part of people’s day.

Our story began in 2011 with our first few Sussed conversation card games. Today we’ve got a whole range. 

We believe social health is a crucial part of people’s wellbeing - now, more than ever!

Generosity Bank

Generosity Bank is an online platform that connects small business owners with local professionals in their area who are willing to use their workplace skills to help small businesses in their community. The platform aims to create meaningful connections between people that live and work in communities, with a view to create a national positive social and economical impact at a local level.

GeoSmart Pro

GeoSmartPro Ltd. is a UK-based startup manufacturing smart home products, like their latest product, the AirGo Smart Fan is the UK's 1st smart pedestal fan. All products can be controlled via the GeoSmartPro App, allowing you to connect to your home seamlessly.  


Established in 2015, HOWND has evolved into a multi award-winning ethical lifestyle brand for dogs offering 100% plant-based health, wellness and hygiene products under one roof. Offering innovative products for both consumers and professional groomers, HOWND is a trusted brand to thousands of #HappyHownders worldwide.

We believe the world would be a better place if more people embraced the power of plants. Our products are kind to our precious planet and the animals that inhabit it. That’s why dogs and their humans love HOWND

Insect BioTech

Insect Biotech Solutions CIC is a non-profit company working in applied scientific research. It offers biotechnological solutions for precision management of insects with zero environmental impact. Insect Biotech Solutions has research projects exploitable industrially, and humanitarian research projects comprising the use of insects to tackle major human and environmental issues.

JHP Electrical

JHP Electrical Services is a family run business owned by directors, Jonathan and Helen Patterson. Focusing on commercial projects, JHP has established an enviable reputation for specialist knowledge when it comes to lighting installations. Clients range from sports clubs, schools and colleges, to major residential and commercial property developers as well as hospitals and clinics. Technical knowledge, workmanship, value for money and above all, customer satisfaction are the cornerstones on which the company is built.

My Language Hub Ltd.

My Language Hub Ltd. (MLH) is a Language Services Company based in Letchworth Garden City that provides a wide range of language solutions. 

Our Translation Department deals with translations, localisation, and interpreting services and our Education Department offers language training and exam preparation. 

MLH is a member of the American Translators Association (ATA), the Association of Translation Companies (ATC), and the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce.

Numerous Technology

Numerous is establishing a new data sharing economy and creating a world where the power and value of data benefits all. Numerous gives consumers control of their personal data and helps them to share in its value, and helps brands find new, more loyal and valuable customers and deeper insight.


Nxsteps are on a mission to be at the forefront of human physical evolution, by creating sensing ecosystems attuned to the intricate way our body’s work. We want to improve the quality of life for every human by sensing the unseen and providing understandable, repeatable, and actionable steps to prevent and overcome disease and injuries.


Oliiki is an app for parents from pregnancy to two to help them spark their baby’s adventures in learning and build their parenting confidence one play activity at time. Grounded in research, written by teachers and education researchers, the Oliiki programme supports parents on the most important journey of all.

Pocket PA

Pocket PA is the one stop 'business in a box' tool for any self-employed micro business earning under £85k non VAT registered to help them run their business on the go from any device.  It manages all clients, appointments, services, sales and income & expenses in one place so  you can understand the financial health of your business in a simple way that doesn’t require a maths degree!

Poppy Field

Poppy set up her studio at Warren Park Heritage & Craft Centre (Much Hadham) following the sale of her first life-size sculpture through an auction at the V&A organised by the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust. She graduated from the Courtauld with a BA Hons in the History of Art and trained in figurative sculpture at The Florence Academy of Art. 


Go Connect is a video centric iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solution that enables ‘codeless’ integration between multiple cloud and enterprise video content processing applications.

Sirius Jewellers

Sirius Jewellers is an up and coming jewellery company specialising in using the most advanced technology to cost effectively create Gold, Silver and Platinum bespoke pieces with any precious rocks our customers ask for. Currently we only do rings and pendants but we will be expanding this when it’s possible. 


The Alcohol Free Brewing Co.

The Alcohol Free Brewing Co. produce and sell UNLTD., the alcohol free beer brand.

UNLTD. is an alcohol free craft beer, with all the flavour of a full strength beer. We empower beer lovers to make a positive change and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.



Tackling the problem of disposable and single-use packaging, unpckd delivers refills of dry goods, toiletries and cleaning products in reusable returnable containers: you order on-line, we deliver to your doorstep, when you need more refills, we swap full for empties milkman-style and together we create less everyday waste.



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