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Trade River Finance

Gain Access to Trade River Credit Facility with the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce

Trade River is dedicated to helping your business grow. This is done by providing a revolving credit facility that ranges from 100 thousand pounds up to five million pounds plus. This can be used to buy goods and services anywhere in the world taking the pressure off of your cash flow. 

How do you Benefit?
Unsecured – no need to secure assets against any lending, or provide Personal Guarantees.
No change to bank facilities – you can use the credit facility without impacting on existing finance arrangements, as it’s unsecured and balance sheet neutral.
Pay as you use – you’re only charged for what you use.
Flexibility – you can use it to fund 100% of your purchase of both goods and services. You can employ the credit facility when you need it, to buy from suppliers around the world.
Paperless process – no need for additional paperwork, such as Letters of Credit, to manage overseas
transactions; which means less admin.
Quick registration – we can easily get your facility in place within a month*. Faster payments – transactions can be processed in 24 hours.


Exchange rate mitigation - benefit from settling in sterling at the end of your credit period, utilising competitive spot rates from our forex partner when sellers are paid.

Can I Use Trade River's Credit Facility? 
Trade River supports UK-based companies with a turnover of £2M+ who have been trading for at least a couple of years. If you can demonstrate that you’re creditworthy, profitable and have a clear plan to grow your business then
we can help.
Make sure to Quote Herts Chamber when you use Trade River Finance. 
For more Information and to use Trade River Finance Click Here or contact Trade River Below
Contact Trade River
Tel: 020 7788 7690
Access Trade River with Herts Chamber here



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