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Composite Laminator, Universal Race Technology

I’ve always been interested in motorsport, and I’ve been part of some great projects here. I’ve been at URT for five years now, and this is where I want to stay. The support I’ve had, the jobs I’ve worked on and the responsibilities I’ve taken on – they’re all helping me towards a supervisory role in the company and, hopefully, a long, promising future here.


Parent of Josh, a composite laminator

I was really happy Josh was able to do something that interested him, and gave him an opportunity to learn as he went along. He has gained so much knowledge and encouragement, and achieved good grades in all he’s been taught and shown. He’s got the skills now to go on and be everything he wants to be.


Universal Race Technology

The Young Apprenticeship Programme has been a great source of young talent for us. These youngsters get a taste of the work ethic at a very early age, and they tend to stay with us. Sure, their skill levels are very basic when they arrive but these young people are very motivated and eager to learn. They want to do the job. And when you’re facing a skills shortage that can make all the difference.

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