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Experian Business DataService


100 free business leads

The Chamber has joined forces with Experian to help improve your sales lead generation and have negotiated all Hertfordshire Chamber members 100 free leads. B2B Prospector is a simple, online system that allows you to build and buy marketing lists.

Powered by the National Business Database, with 5.1 million business records, B2B Prospector gives you access to an unrivalled breadth and depth of information, making it the perfect prospect locator for your needs. There are no minimum spends and no subscription. You simply buy what you want when you want.

Key Features & Benefits

Select lists by geography, business size, turnover, activity and credit risk. B2B Prospector is available 24/7 which means you can build your own lists when it's convenient for you. You can check the data before you buy and there is no minimum order value.  The information provided includes named decision makers by job function ensuring targeted marketing campaigns.  

B2B Prospector provides access to over 600,000 unique emails and over 5 million business records in an instantly downloadable list format – delivering you fast results All lists are updated daily and are fully validated against DMA suppression files. A full customer support online and by phone is provided by Experian's B2B Prospector and the service offers free registration and free data counts.

Examples of how you can benefit?

  • A training company would like to market a new Health & Safety training course; using B2B Prospector the company could select businesses in Herts, Beds and Bucks, senior decision makers and contacts involved in HR or Health & Safety management.
  • An IT infrastructure management company would like to expand their portfolio of clients within the South East of the UK; using B2B Prospector, the company could select business prospects by sector (to target those businesses with IT requirements), number of employees, county and could pre-screen the prospects by financial security.
  • ‘New opportunities’ data is available on a monthly basis offering access to new company formations. This is perfect for web designers, accountants and a whole host of companies looking to provide products and services to new businesses.

Try B2B Prospector today and get  your 100 FREE business leads. Simply visit Experian


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